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ride-on works in Whangarei

Ride-on Lawnmowing in Whangarei

ride-on works in Whangarei

Do you have a large lawn that needs special attention? Now we offer ride-on lawn mowing services in all Whangarei area.
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house lawn

In order to maintain a good looking green grass there is nothing better than a regular cut and edge trimming, and do not forget to feed your lawn with a good fertilizer from time to time and do regular watering in the hot season!

Kikuyu Grass

This grass is very vigorous and tolerant to different weather conditions. In summer under good conditions it grows very well, and becomes very dense and needs to be maintained with regular cuttings to prevent it from expanding too much. Especially in this wet condition, if neglected it will become complicated to manage.

In summer under dry conditions it keeps growing very well, then in winter the grass slows down since it does not tolerate the frost.
At the edges of the lawns, Kikuyo runners are relatively easy to control with regular weedeater cutting or even with weed killers.

This wet condition encourages fungus diseases, and you start to notice brown patches in the lawn, in this case, spray the area with a good fungicide.

section clearing

Kamo Lawnmowing

We are working in Kamo.
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