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We can help you with a garden tidy up and weed management in all Whangarei areas, all year round. The team Whangarei Mowing Service has a strong commitment to lawn mowing and garden maintenance. There is nothing better than to see a beautiful garden.

With our help, you can achieve that now! That's a promise!

Annual flowers are a pleasure to see, they grow fast and add color to any garden.

Perennial plants need more attention so you need to choose carefully about what kind of shrubs and trees are you going to plant in your design. flowers in the garden

Think about your garden space, shrub of your election or tree's rate growth. Do you want a natural fence for privacy or do you prefer some light coming through?

Take all in mind when you plan your garden and decide which plant suit the best to your place.

Don't forget to add nutrients to your soil with artificial or organic fertilizer.

If you choose organic fertilizer, manure is always our first choice, dig it into the beds where you are going to plant.
It is very easy to make liquid manure, just make a bag with hessian fabric, add some manure, and put in a full bucket of water, let it sit intill the water turns brown then add the mixture to your plants.

And of course in those hot summer days do not forget to water your plants, for best results water in the evenings when the sun goes down.

Alcantarea Imperialis Rubra

Alcantarea Imperialis Alcantarea Imperialis

Outdoor plant

The exotic plant Alcantarea Imperialis is a giant bromeliad, native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The plant can grow up to 1.5 metres wide and flowers spikes can reach 2.5 metres high.


The plant does not requires a lot of care, but needs a free draining soil,litlle watering and fertilizer.
It's not frost hardy.

Alcantarea Imperialis Alcantarea Imperialis flowers

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Saintpaulia "African Violets"

African Violets

Indoor plant

African Violets are lovely little plants with beautiful different colours, they flowering in the warmer season.
African Violets have a shallow root system and are easy to pot and care.

Propagation is by rooting the leaves.
Trim the leaves and stalk with a knife to about 3 cm and put it in a container with a good moistened potting mix, for about 2 cm deep.

Cover the container with a plastic bag and keep it inside, watering if necessary.
The new little plant will come out from the leaf.

Remove part of the plastic bag, in this way the plant will adapt properly to the new environment.

Re-pot the new plant when have reached about 3 cm tall.


Water from the base avoiding watering the leaves and apply a liquid fertilizer.

Remove dead flowers and leaves.

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Cyclamen persicum "Cyclamen"


Indoor / outdoor plant

Cyclamen is a very decorative tuberous rooted flowering plant and produce numerous flowers in a variety of colours like white, red, mauve, purple and pink.


Cyclamen enjoy cool temperature and light, but avoid direct sunlight.

The best way of watering is from the bottom, so is recommendable to put the pot in a shallow saucer with water and let the plant soak the water for about 10 minutes, after that time removes the pot.

Cyclamen Cyclamen Cyclamen

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